Does Your House Have Fire Damage?

Posted on: 12 September 2018

If your house was damaged by a fire, you are probably still reeling from that awful event. Hopefully nobody was hurt. If that is the case, you are probably also thanking God that you and your pets survived the fire. After all, lives cannot be replaced. However, it's still a huge inconvenience to have to restore your house to working order again. Was it just one room that was damaged? Perhaps it was a fire in your kitchen caused by something like burning oil. [Read More]

Fit A Bathtub Into Your Bathroom With Strategic Remodeling

Posted on: 11 September 2018

When you purchased your house, you may have prioritized homes with two bathrooms. While you may like having a bath inside the master bathroom, the rest of your family may feel like they are missing out when the family bathroom is only equipped with a shower. This may encourage you to get strategic with remodeling your bathroom to find enough space to fit in a bathtub. Here are several points to consider as you begin planning your renovation. [Read More]

Eager To Change The Look Of A Compact Kitchen? 3 Remodeling Projects To Consider

Posted on: 7 September 2018

Remodeling your kitchen can be a great option when you're feeling frustrated with the smaller size of the kitchen. If the kitchen feels too small and you're having difficulty when cooking, there are a number of different projects that you can tackle that will make a big difference in the kitchen. Before getting just any work done, you should look into the following remodeling projects that can make your kitchen feel larger and more accommodating for cooking with the limited square footage. [Read More]

Contractor-Approved Steps For Repairing Woodpecker-Damaged Wood Siding

Posted on: 5 September 2018

If your home's wood siding has become damaged by pesky woodpeckers, then you can either repair or replace it. If a completely new siding installation isn't in your current budget, then you can repair the damage by following these steps: Step 1: Gather the Supplies Necessary for Making the Repairs To repair the woodpecker damage on your home's wood siding, you will need the following tools and supplies: a ladder a cordless drill a can of putty a putty knife a sanding block sandpaper paint stirring sticks screws exterior touch-up paint tack cloth Make sure to use a thick type of putty because most exterior spackle products aren't thick enough, and they will require multiple applications to build up enough material to completely fill the holes. [Read More]