Add A Modern Or Vintage Style Cabinet To Your Master Bathroom

Posted on: 2 June 2019

Showering, soaking in a hot tub, primping in front of the mirror, or giving yourself a much-needed manicure are everyday tasks that you may depend upon your master bathroom for. If you have piles of laundry strewn on the floor or cosmetics and various toiletries displayed across practically every inch of counter space, it may be a dreaded chore to tend to your hygienic needs. A wall-mounted cabinet will help you organize the restroom.

Choose Modern Or Vintage

A wall-mounted cabinet is similar to a piece of furniture, so think of the new addition as an expression of your personality. Do you like smooth, rounded edges and pristine white surfaces or jagged edges that contain detailed markings and rich hues that are often found in vintage wooden furnishings?

The materials that you select can be customized, if you would like to have a modern cabinet style with an antique finish or if you would like to use a contemporary design, but would like the cabinet's knobs or trim pieces to contain a pattern that is reminiscent of another era.

Select The Size And Shape Of The Piece

What will you be storing inside of the cabinet and where do you have room for the new addition? A single unit that contains separate storage compartments will provide room for medicine, toiletries, towels, and odds and ends. If you decide to have a rather large storage area installed in the bottom of the cabinet, this area can be used to store laundry baskets that are filled with clothing that needs to be laundered.

This will eliminate you from throwing clothing onto the floor whenever you are disrobing. Instead, you can open the cabinet door and toss the garments into one of the baskets that are inside of it.

Another option is to choose a cabinet that contains two columns and a horizontal storage space. One column would run perpendicularly from each side of the horizontal section. A cabinet like this could be installed around a sink or a vanity.

If the bathroom isn't very large and this is one of the main reasons that clutter has become an issue, then choose smaller corner cabinets. This style could still contain multiple storage areas, which will allow you to separate your possessions and maintain organization. Measure the section of the wall where you would like the cabinetry to be installed and contact a remodeling contractor for assistance with choosing a bathroom cabinet design.

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