Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for Aging in Place

Posted on: 1 May 2019

As you near retirement age, you may be thinking about what changes to make to your home so you can comfortably age in place. While many people focus on bathrooms and entranceways, the kitchen is often overlooked. Yet, being able to prepare meals comfortably and easily, particularly if you enjoy cooking, is a vital part of ensuring your golden years are fulfilling. The following are a few kitchen remodeling ideas that will help make aging in your home more comfortable.

Consider the width

The fact is that most people don't know exactly how mobile they will be as they age, so you need to plan for the worst-case scenario. Making sure the entries and aisles in the kitchen are wide enough to maneuver a wheelchair is the ideal. Unless you know that there is a strong chance you will be using a chair, though, you will not want to lower the counters. Instead, consider installing narrower counters. This will make it easier to reach the rear area on the counters, while also giving you the necessary space to widen walkways.

Opt for pull out cabinets

By their nature, cabinets can be difficult to reach. If you are tall, the lower cabinets are an issue, while if you are short, it's the upper cabinets that are the challenge. As you age, stretching and stooping down becomes more difficult. Fortunately, cabinetry has come a long way. You can now have pneumatic cabinets installed. The shelves in these cabinets are on a system that allows you to pull them out and then either up or down, as circumstances necessitate. It takes nearly no effort to operate them, so they are ideal for those that may have mobility issues as they age.

Add a "Pot Faucet"

Carrying big pots of water from the sink to the stove can be very difficult as you age. One way to solve this problem is to have a faucet installed by the stove that allows you to fill big pots in place. An extra benefit is that this allows you to install a shallower sink, since you won't have to fit pots into it to fill with water. A shallow sink makes it easier to reach into it when washing dishes or cleaning, which you will be very thankful for when you are older.

These are just a few ways to design a kitchen that will age with you. For more help, contact a kitchen remodeling business in your area, such as Reality Construction LLC.