3 Ways To Keep Your Roof Safe And Sound

Posted on: 28 March 2019

When you have a home, being able to spot new issues and resolve them proactively is an important step in protecting your investment. However, roofing issues can sneak up on people fast, leading to issues like leaks and mildew growth. Here are three ways to keep your roof safe and sound, no matter what the future holds. 

1. Take Gutter Cleaning Seriously

Although gutter cleaning may seem completely unrelated to roof care, the fact of the matter is that letting leaves and other debris build up in those spaces is a recipe for disaster. Over time, the accumulations can block the flow of water, allowing moisture to flood underneath the shingles. 

Fortunately, you can resolve this problem by having your gutters cleaned in the spring. While many roofing companies offer this service, it can be done easily on your own if you have a strong, sturdy ladder and a pair of work gloves. As you work to clean out your gutters, be especially mindful of your footing, and don't rely on the edge of your gutters for too much support. 

Clean your gutters anytime you notice that debris has built up in them, and contact a professional if you notice roof damage during your cleaning sessions. 

2. Manage Your Landscaping

Overgrown trees can also cause roofing problems, especially if dead limbs or branches fall onto your home. Nearby trees can also create a pathway for wildlife like rodents, squirrels, and raccoons to jump onto your roof, where they can nest, scratch, or damage roofing shingles. 

Always keep trees nearby your home well trimmed, and make sure branches never extend over the edge of your roof. If you have large trees that need to be removed, hire a professional to have them taken out to avoid injuring your roof during the branch cutting process. 

3. Consider Heat Cables

You never know when a springtime snowstorm will occur, so consider having heat cables installed along the eaves of your roof. These special cables are designed to melt snow and ice so the water can flow into gutters and downspouts instead of creating ice dams that can hurt your roof. 

Since bad weather, time, and nearby trees can be so damaging to your roof, it is important to notify a roofing contractor as soon as you notice any signs of trouble. Be on the lookout for issues like missing or damaged shingles, incoming water leaks, or new discolorations. By taking the time to identify roofing problems and have them repaired, you can prevent serious structural and cosmetic problems. Learn more from a company such as Double D Builders of Evansville, LLC.