Four Inexpensive Ideas for Remodeling Your Apartment's Bathroom

Posted on: 28 February 2019

Whether you plan to sell your apartment this spring or simply have decided it's time to do some upgrades, then the bathroom is an excellent place to start. Even if you don't have a large apartment renovations budget, there are many inexpensive ways you can update the bathroom, including each of the following four:

Inexpensive Upgrade #1: Paint the Old Shower or Bathtub and Its Surround

The most expensive thing in a bathroom to replace is the old shower or bathtub and its surround. Thankfully, if they don't have any structural damage, either can be sanded down and then painted with specialized epoxy paint.

So-called "bathtub paint" can be used on plastic, fiberglass, or enameled-steel bathtubs, as well as tile, surrounds. While you need to remove any caulking present, you can apply the paint right over the grout lines. 

Inexpensive Upgrade #2: Paint the Old Countertops and Vanity 

Since replacing the vanity and countertop in a bathroom is one of the more expensive upgrades you can do, consider painting them instead of replacing them. As long as the vanity and countertop don't have any damage, you can paint them and they will look like they are brand new. 

The vanity and its cabinet should be painted with a high-gloss paint so it will look updated and will be easy to wipe clean. And, the countertop can be painted with a wide variety of different types of specialty paint available at your local hardware store.

Inexpensive Upgrade #3: Replace All of the Old Caulking

Silicone caulking is great for sealing around sinks and bathrooms to keep water from leaking into areas it isn't supposed to be, but it doesn't last forever. If the caulking in your apartment's bathroom has seen better days, then you should remove and replace it. Caulking and a caulking gun are very inexpensive and fresh caulking really makes things look better. 

Inexpensive Upgrade #4: Paint the Bathroom

Nothing makes a bathroom look better than a fresh coat of paint. New paint makes the room seem cleaner and brighter and shows your guests how much you care about your home. If you plan to sell your home, then stick to a neutral color of paint and avoid using any wallpaper. Lastly, if your bathroom tends to stay damp or has issues with mold or mildew, then have the hardware store mix some mildewcide into the paint to stop future problems.