Have A Barren Kitchen? 3 Projects That Will Make You Love The Space

Posted on: 18 November 2018

When you purchase a home, you should expect to get a functional kitchen unless you are buying a fixer-upper in which you know about the problems before making an offer. But, even if your kitchen has the necessities, you may feel as if the space feels somewhat barren. This is an issue that you can fix by taking on projects that will spice up the space with beauty and functionality.

1. Range Hood

A useful feature to introduce to the kitchen is a range hood. Instead of allowing all the steam and scents to float around the kitchen when you are using the cooktop, you can vent everything outside. This will have a huge impact on how hot it gets in the kitchen while you are cooking.

Another thing that makes a range hood an excellent addition to your kitchen is being able to get task lighting over the cooktop so that you can see clearly into all your pots and pans. Using a deep pot and trying to rely on overhead lighting may end up being a major challenge. A range hood will help you see things such as if your onion and garlic is browning or burning in the hot oil.

2. Backsplash

In most situations, a backsplash will serve as a visual improvement to the kitchen. But, you should not underestimate its ability to provide functionality in resisting wear and tear. If you pick a durable and easy-to-clean backsplash, you will not have any issues with oil or sauce splattering.

Since your options for a backsplash are so varied, you can either look around until you find one that you like on display in a kitchen or you can come up with an idea for a design on your own. A kitchen remodeling company can help you get everything that you need for a backsplash.

3. Windows

When you want to get herbs for cooking, you may buy them for the store or think about growing them in the backyard. But, you may not think about growing them inside your kitchen. This is something that you can do when you replace the kitchen windows with garden windows.

With strategical placement of the windows, you can make sure that the herbs get ample sunlight. The new window setup will help the herbs grow and will bring more light to the kitchen.

Turning a barren kitchen into something special is possible with help from remodelers. For more information, contact a company like Interior Expressions today.