3 Reasons To Consider A Mirrored Backsplash For Your Kitchen

Posted on: 2 November 2018

Although a backsplash isn't absolutely mandatory for a kitchen, it's an element that many homeowners favor. Choosing a backsplash allows you to add flair and functionality to the kitchen. For example, the right style of backsplash can complement your countertop and even your appliances and can also be quicker and easier to clean than a painted wall.

A mirrored backsplash might not be something that you've considered, given the prevalence of glass and stone tiles, but it's worth some thought. Here are three reasons that a mirrored backsplash might be worth adding during your kitchen renovation.

1. The Illusion Of More Space

If there were a pair of nearly identical kitchens but one had a stone backsplash, and another had a mirrored backsplash, it's almost certain that the latter would appear larger. When someone walks into a kitchen that has a mirrored backsplash, he or she will momentarily have trouble gauging the size of the space. The mirror may seem like an opening into another space, rather than simply be providing a reflection of the kitchen. This especially makes a mirrored backsplash a welcome addition to a kitchen that is smaller.

2. Ability To Keep An Eye On Things

When you're working in the kitchen, you often have your back to the rest of the space and to the opening of the kitchen. This can mean that whenever you hear a noise behind you, you need to turn around to see what it was. With a mirrored backsplash, this is no longer necessary. When you're facing the backsplash, you can quickly cast a glance in it to see a reflection of the room behind you.

If you have children playing in the adjacent space and have an open-concept kitchen, you can easily keep an eye on them while you cook. If you're using the blender or another loud device, you'll see the reflection of a family member walk into the kitchen so that you don't turn around and get startled by his or her presence.

3. A Quick Peek At Yourself

A kitchen isn't a space where you might pay much attention to your appearance, but doing so can be valuable. For example, if you're entertaining guests and are about ready to carry a platter of food into the dining room, giving a quick glance into the mirrored backsplash to see how you look can be valuable. Perhaps you have a stain on your shirt from cooking or a few hairs out of place as a result of the steam from a boiling pot rising in front of you. The backsplash will allow you to assess your appearance and perhaps make a quick change before you present the meal to your guests.

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