Want To Update An Old Ugly Bathroom With Little Space? Refinish And Make These Changes

Posted on: 19 September 2018

If you have an older home and small bathroom that you want to update, but there isn't space to change the layout, have the experts come in to see what needs changing. If you have outdated tiles and an old colored bathtub that you don't want to get rid of because it's high quality porcelain, there are options to improve the look of everything. Subtle changes around the space can make a big difference. Here are options to look into.

Bathtub Refinishing

You can have all of the tiles removed or stained and refinished so that it looks like you have a nice white tub, instead of an outdated porcelain tub with an ugly pattern or color, or an odd pattern around the tub. Call the bathtub refinishing professionals to find out what can be done, and how you can get an estimate for the work.

 All Glass Doors

Take out the frosted glass or remove the shower curtains that you are using and have custom glass doors made to go in. The glass doors are a very modern upgrade that you can use in the bath, and they help to keep the bathroom feeling open and spacious.  This keeps the feeling open when you are in the tub as well.

Vanity Alterations

If you have a solid wood vanity, it could possibly be sanded and then painted. If you're looking for something more modern, then a new vanity with countertop and sink included in is an easy possibility. Chose hardware for the sink and then match it throughout the space, with doorknobs, shower nobs and anything else that's metal. Even the light fixtures should match.

Simple and Neutral

To create a light and open airy space, be sure to keep things neutral in color and light, and simple. Fixtures and options with simple lines and without a lot of detail are best. Choose a light paint color and be sure to paint the ceiling a very bright white, so that it makes the bathroom look bigger.

If you have an old bathroom and there aren't a lot of layout changes you can make because of the plumbing and space, these are all great upgrade possibilities. Light modern flooring, new colors on the walls, a bright ceiling, and then updated fixtures with the tub and shower redone is a great way to make everything look great again. Get estimates and start making the changes to improve your home.