Considerations When Adding A New Deck To Your Home

Posted on: 15 September 2018

A deck can greatly expand the amount of usable space that your home has. However, the addition of a deck will require ample planning and thoughtful considerations. When individuals lack experience in undertaking this type of major home renovation project, there are some considerations that can be easy to miss during the early stages of the planning process.

Opt for Durable and Low-Maintenance Materials

Using composite materials in the deck can provide a more resilient solution. This is particularly true when you choose materials that are not vulnerable to rotting, such as vinyl. In addition to having much longer lifespans, decks made with these materials will also require far less maintenance and repairs than decks that are made of wood. These materials can also be colored to resemble traditional wood, and this can be important for those who prefer the appearance of a traditional wood deck with a finish. Your deck provider will likely have samples that you can review. Some providers may even have scaled models of their decks. This can make it easier to choose the material and design that will give your home the look and functionality you want.

Have Soil Stability Testing Performed

A deck will be a fairly heavy structure to add to your property. Unfortunately, adding a deck to loose soil can pose problems because the deck may shift positions or become unstable. While it is possible to account for this problem, a comprehensive soil stability test will need to be performed. These tests will measure the density, composition, and stability of the soil where the deck will be added. If the soil is found to be unstable, it may be possible to use soil grouting to help reinforce the soil or a foundation to more evenly spread out the weight of the deck.

Invest in a Retractable Cover

There will be some days when the sun is simply too bright to be comfortable while you are spending time outside. Rain can be another common cause for delaying your plans for a relaxing day on the deck. Luckily, there are retractable awnings and other types of covers that may be used to protect those that are on the deck from these potential issues. A retractable deck cover may be the most convenient solution as you will likely be able to control it with the use of a remote control. While these covers may shield you from rain, you may want to avoid using it during periods of high winds since these winds could damage the awning.

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