Fit A Bathtub Into Your Bathroom With Strategic Remodeling

Posted on: 11 September 2018

When you purchased your house, you may have prioritized homes with two bathrooms. While you may like having a bath inside the master bathroom, the rest of your family may feel like they are missing out when the family bathroom is only equipped with a shower. This may encourage you to get strategic with remodeling your bathroom to find enough space to fit in a bathtub. Here are several points to consider as you begin planning your renovation.

Floor Space

The first thing that you will want to analyze is the available floor space. While it is not likely, you may have enough space in the bathroom to fit in a bathtub without changing anything. Without enough room, you will need to figure out what to do to the bathroom to make enough room.

When you look at the open floor space, you need to decide where you want to put the bathtub as well as where you can move other features to gain the needed floor space.


If you have a large walk-in shower, you may not want to give up this desirable feature. But you can create a lot of open space by getting rid of the walk-in shower and opting for a bathtub and shower combination. In a large enough bathroom, you may be able to keep the walk-in shower but make it a bit smaller. One of these strategies may be the solution that will give you extra space in the bathroom to fit in a bathtub.


Ample counter space is nice to have in your family bathroom, especially when you have multiple people using it at the same time. The vanity may also provide you with storage underneath. But you can gain valuable space if you are willing to downsize to a smaller vanity. You can get creative to avoid losing storage space by choosing a taller vanity with extra storage underneath.


Most toilets are around the same size, which means you should not expect to have to replace the toilet with a more compact model. But one thing that you may end up wanting to do is finding another place for the toilet if moving it would make enough room to install a bathtub.

When considering serious bathroom remodeling, investing in professional help is smart because they can come up with ideas and handle all the labor, which can get rather complicated. Hiring a bathroom remodeling company is ideal because they can guide you through the remodeling process in a professional way.