Eager To Change The Look Of A Compact Kitchen? 3 Remodeling Projects To Consider

Posted on: 7 September 2018

Remodeling your kitchen can be a great option when you're feeling frustrated with the smaller size of the kitchen. If the kitchen feels too small and you're having difficulty when cooking, there are a number of different projects that you can tackle that will make a big difference in the kitchen.

Before getting just any work done, you should look into the following remodeling projects that can make your kitchen feel larger and more accommodating for cooking with the limited square footage.

1. Add Height with New Cabinetry

Since storage is something that many people struggle with in a smaller kitchen, it's important to look for creative ways to add more storage. While you can certainly add more storage through a pantry or an island installed in the center of the kitchen, it can lead to the kitchen feeling even more cramped.

An easy way to add a lot more storage without taking up valuable square footage is through getting taller cabinetry installed. Having the cabinets reach the ceiling can provide plenty of room for items that aren't accessed as often, but still important to keep around.

2. Replace the Hardware Throughout

An affordable improvement that you can make in the kitchen is getting new hardware installed. Having new knobs and pulls installed on the cabinets in the kitchen can be fairly affordable and can make a big difference in the way that the kitchen looks.

Taking into consideration the look of the appliances and other features in the kitchen can help you choose hardware that suits the space and makes an improvement as well. With new hardware installed, you'll be able to get the right look for the size of your kitchen without making a difference in the size of the space.

3. Get Creative with Painting

Adding some color to the kitchen can make a big difference in the way that the space looks, making it important for you to look into what choices you have for painting. Painting the walls in one option, along with only painting an imitation backsplash behind the counters, or even repainting the cabinets for a new look in the kitchen.

As you look into making improvements to the kitchen, you'll begin to see how there are a lot of projects you can focus on when you only have so much space to work with. Making improvements that will create the illusion of more space can help you be much more satisfied with the look of your kitchen afterward.

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